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Open Source CMS setup: Mambo, WordPress, etc.

You can easily install one or more commonly used web-scripts implementing forum, chat, portal and the like on your WWW domain with ISPmanager control panel.

All you have to do is next:

  • Select the "Web scripts" item in the "Tools" section on the left.

  • Choose required script and press "Install" button at the top. Here you should select existing database and user or create the new ones if you wish. Press "OK".

  • There will be a link to the additional adjustment of script in the new form. Do not press "OK" button untill you finish script customization.

  • Press "OK" to do postinstall clean up.


  • Your database should use single byte encoding (like latin1, cp1256Е but not utf8!) for working with "Mambo" or "MediaWiki" script engine.

  • If you reach your hosting plan limit on the number of databases you may use database prefixes and share single database between multiple scripts. The prefixes can be choosed in the additional adjustment of some scripts.

Get started now!

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